Content Creation

Case Study: A Content Machine for an Artificial Intelligence Analytics Brand

Consciously was brought in to assist with developing not just top-quality content with a consistent voice but also a reliable process for creating content.

What are the elements that make a great content marketing engine for your company?

Topic Ideation

Authority, SEO, values, products, industry trends and so many more topic clusters to pull from, that it can be hard to know where to start.

We’ll strategize, prioritize and organize all the possible topics needed to accomplish the business imperatives of our partnership.

The pillars upon which your communications stand

We develop your marketing platform to embodying the brand’s value(s), services and methods in a way that allows for authentic and consistent communications efforts.

Designing with words

We use words as the foundation for all your content production. Designers, Videographers, and photographers all do better when they have descriptive words to guide them.

We take this into account when developing and creating visual or written assets, such as videos, eBooks, blog posts, whitepapers, or infographics, video scripts, and more.

Personalized media and visualized Insights

We offer a smart, secure, and dynamic video production, integrates with any data source, produces personalised media, distributes the content to users, and tracks interaction for sales insight. Learn more about this service.

We also make videos for all your feeds and platforms as well.

Content Repurposing

A custom process to produce content bottom-up and or top-down method is the key to our success. From eBook to webinar, podcast to blog, social post to snackable audio, and dynamic video to video personalization we’ll take your assets and give them the encore they deserve.

Mic Check, is the audio on?

Let’s just say it, everyone wants a podcast and our background in culture and entertainment really shines in helping yours to stand out and take center stage. Ask us how.


Strategic Thinking

Thinking it through is just one of the things we help you do, but maybe the most important.

  • Positioning
  • Brand Identity, Voice, Emotive Properties
  • Goal and Milestone Planning
  • Product Strategy
  • Website Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Traditional Media Strategy


At the heart of usability and emotion is great design.

  • Website Design & Development
  • Mobile & App Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Writing & Editing
  • eBooks, Infographics, Animations, Presentations, Social Media Updates, Emails, Blog Posts, & more


Content Marketing
Creating quality content builds trust. Trust makes prospects into customers.

  • Content Marketing Strategy & Audits
  • Editorial Planning & Management
  • Content Distribution Strategy
  • Content Creation: eBooks, Infographics, White Papers, Videos, Podcasts, Presentations, & More

Go to market

It’s all here for you under one roof.

  • Launch Strategy & Planning
  • Public Relations
  • Product / Service Placement
  • Project Management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Brand-Driven Design

Case Study: Empowering NYC to Become a More Equitable Business Partner

Brooklyn Navy Yard needed help accelerating interest in both the general program and the specific tenancy and incubation opportunities.