Our Values

We thrive on what we call “the vibe”:
the genuine connection between us and our clients, partners and vendors.

We put people first, in everything we do.


We champion equity and inclusion, always.


We believe in transparency and honesty
is key to great collaborations.

Who we're looking for

Equity In Real Life

We have equity as a value, this means we don’t just talk about the ways in which we want to
see what is called diversity in the workplace we seek it out and it’s obvious in ways we do business.

This means with ethnicity, nationality, cultural heritage, sexuality, gender, physical and mental
ability you’ll see all of it represented here.


We don’t have the commitment to be at least 50% diverse suppliers
(women, black, LBGBTQIA+ owned, indigenous owned)
we’ve already met this goal and surpassed it. We’ll continue to do work because
it’s just how you grow business in the new economy.


Who we're looking for


Folks who are architects that know their craft. They are generally strategy first
and like to measure twice and cut once rather than charge in head first. They have
enough experience to know what they know and what they do not.


These folks have experience in massive amounts and what might take
someone else quite some time they’ve learned to do in less time. They are artisans
who have specialized enough to know they can do almost any job that comes
their way. They produce quality and when needed quantity; they also know
when to sacrifice one for the other.


Alignment with company culture (a vibe)

Critical thinking, holistic thinking

Self-reflection, self-awareness

Respect via equitable beliefs

Knowledge and self-expression

Knowing where you excel and thrive

Responsible, integrity-driven, and accountable

Leads in their role

Life-long learner

Looking for a gig and not a job?

Partner with us, we’d love to have you. We’re always looking for expertise for our diverse network because without it, we wouldn’t be who we are.

Current Openings at Consciously

If you are having trouble applying, please send your resume and cover letter, along with the role you are applying for to recruiting@consciouslyinc.com

Project Manager + Account Manager

We are seeking a Mid-Level Project and Client Manager for purpose-driven remote content and brand marketing team. Click here for more info. 

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