Stakeholder Brand™ Workshops that teach companies to nourish their business ecosystem.

Find and Define your Purpose

This first step is about helping your business get to know itself better. Authentic and inclusive marketing approaches grow out of a conscious foundation

The goal is to understand why the business exists and efine its values.

Connecting Value and Values

After defining your values, it’s time to think through what products are offered and how they’re delivered.

Our goal here is to clearly articulate your company’s values, so that we can demonstrate how they’re tied to your offerings.

Mapping Your Ecosystem

The next step is thoughtful and inclusive community research and discovery. Look and listen outside your walls. Observe different stakeholder groups, find aligned communities and sit with audiences with the goal of understanding unique roles and values.

Centering: Equity

The problem for marketers and brands is that they’ve gotten so good at driving pinpoint messaging to a specific persona that they leave out the values that overlap and reveal the interdependence of community.

Audience: Purpose

How do you infuse purpose into your performance marketing metrics? How are SEO, PPC and traffic reporting affecting by purpose? Building tools, systems and processes into your business is the key to truly understanding the meaning of purpose. We can help.

Become a B Corporation

Looking to become a b corporation? We can help? We’ve been through the process and know many others who have as well. We’d love to be your guide on this journey.