Stakeholder Marketing Platform Guide™

The goal of building out your guide is to “Play Your Purpose.” Think of it as sheet music, or a playbook for your business’ purpose.

It’s designed to empower you and your team to communicate in a consistent and authentic way across all your communication touchpoints.

It’s an empowerment tool for you and your team to confidently speak, act, share, and do what’s best when the time comes.

Stakeholder Marketing Platform Guide™

Content Style Guide

  • Brand Pillar Production – based on shared values
  • Taxonomy
  • Keywords

Communications & Distribution

  • Core Messaging Guide

Brand Guides

  • Voice Style Guide
  • Identity System

Technology & Process

  • Content Distribution
  • Sales Enablement

Channel Mix

  • Paid, Owned, Earned
  • Budget & Team Allotment


To Build Your Stakeholder Marketing Platform Guide™


Looking Inward

  • Company Foundation
  • Product Articulation
  • Myth Creation
  • Values
  • Value Prop Development
  • Positioning and Context
Consciously Method Graphic


  • Tools
    Build +

  • Brand Pillar Production (base on shared values)
    Taxonomy + Brand Keywords
    Brand Guides
    Technology / Process
    Sales Enablement
    Budget and Team allotment


Looking Outward

  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Community Personas™
  • Shared Pillar Development
  • DEI Audit (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion)

Community Personas™

By using a community persona model we tackle implicit biases in the marketing strategy process.

Our focus is on the shared values of communities. When applied we can easily begin to address communities more holistically.

Community personas have been made to help keep the biases inherent in one person customer personas at bay, while focusing the connections that drive great marketing.