We are a conscious marketing agency, with a clear perspective:

By Design, Not Default.

Serving conscious companies, thoughtful brands, and non-profits with marketing platforms for the long term, we help our clients consider all the stakeholders in their ecosystem (employees, customers/clients, partners, communities, ownership/leadership).

Our success comes from the use of the Consciously Marketing Method, which keeps us focused on strengthening relationships, articulating value, communicating purpose, and building processes with an eye towards results.

Our holistic marketing strategies use an iterative approach, employing long-term roadmaps that guide day-to-day execution.

Our team is made up of Conscious Marketing Architects™ from around the world who can bring your business to consciousness for the communities you serve.

Conscious Companies and B Corps

We will put purpose at the center of all your marketing efforts and create stronger connections with the communities you serve.

Mature brands and non-profits in need of marketing alignment

Whether your organization has no marketing department or a sizable marketing team, our outsourced CMO and marketing professionals can enhance your marketing efforts.

Start-ups led by women and black, indigenous and people of color

Our method empowers women and BIPoC leader companies by infusing cultural cues into communications that articulate their unique value to the world.


While the world continues to become more connected, Conscious Companies small and large are capable of much more than ever before. We envision a world of authentic businesses, business leaders, and brands using empathy to grow their value as well as their communities.


Consciously bridging the gap between marketing strategy and execution while also closing the inclusion and technology gap for conscious companies, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, and businesses led by marginalized groups and their teams.


We help conscious companies, the people behind them, the causes that support them, and the art that inspires them to achieve marketing improvisation to become a larger part of the communities they serve. We do this using The Consciously Method, DEI frameworks, design thinking, stakeholder marketing strategy, technology, and human connection as our tools.

Flat Rate

You pay a flat monthly rate – no surprises – and have a highly-skilled, flexible marketing team at your disposal. Hourly rates distract businesses with the amount of hours worked instead of the work being done. A flat rate keeps everyone focused on the goal at hand and producing the best work with the time and resources available.

Pod Teams

We put together a marketing team for you that we call a pod. Instead of using the same staff to execute every job, we find experts whose own style and executions match closest to the company’s own desired voice and aesthetic. In this way, each pod is unique to the client and so is the output.


We reassess your rate quarterly by evaluating the amount of work to be done and all the skill sets necessary to accomplish the goals. By constantly evaluating the landscape, we allow the deliverables to evolve naturally and never be outpaced by the market.

(A group of hybrid architects, thinkers, and strategists that guide execution)

  • Rai-mon Nemar Barnes

    Founder and CEO

    “How do we do better?” Rai-mon Nemar Barnes was born with this question in his ear. Following the example of his parents, grandparents, and mentors as activists, innovators, and community leaders, Rai-mon has been constantly compelled to build businesses that lead with that question and support the growth of independent businesses for good.

    Working with influential brands like G.M., Red Bull, Etsy, AirBnB, Vitamin Water, Vans, and Compass has given him a diverse lens through which to help his clients, and guided his founding of Consciously™.

    Rai-mon uses his marketing method to help conscious businesses connect more deeply with their audience, create alignment with their shared values, and communicate their company’s value authentically so they can grow sustainably and holistically.

    The Consciously Method™ and purpose-driven Stakeholder Brand™ framework is Rai-mon‘s brainchild and has evolved and been honed to perfection over time, but was born from that question that’s been the constant thread through Rai-mon’s entire life. So now, when he’s asked, “how can we do better?”, he answers, “Do it Consciously.”

  • Shannon Franklin


    Shannon is a versatile, critically-thinking creative with nearly 15 years of experience that includes strategy, branding, communications and events for small businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals. She specializes in helping clients clarify their goals, uncover their core truths, and implement strategies to connect with the people that share their values. She holds an MBA from the University of Arizona.

    Shannon has learned over the years that she works best when she can stand by the concept and people behind a project. She is inspired by the countless brilliant individuals she has come across and celebrates those who buck tradition to blaze their own paths to better themselves and their communities.

  • Portia Scott

    Community + Project Planning

    Portia is a proud veteran of the United States Army and Project Professional with over 12 years of experience managing project budgets and strategies ranging from small businesses to enterprise clients.

    She has been instrumental in establishing project management offices, implementing project strategies, and leading projects for small to large businesses to ensure their processes are aligned with the organization’s scope and key results.

    She has led cross-functional teams in government, healthcare, real estate, manufacturing, and digital marketing industries with varying degrees of complexity.

  • Stephanie Veraghen

    Operations + Project Planning

    Stephanie creates innovative ideas, products, and business solutions, plus leads people and projects.

    With over a decade of experience working with brands such as Akers Media Group, DNA Celebrity Branding Agency, Universal Studios, and many others, Stephanie has proven herself to be a valuable asset in the world of business.

    Her extensive background in hospitality management, marketing, and operations paired with an degree in Graphic Design, bachelor’s degree in Advertising/Public Relations, and master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology have allowed her to fully understand, create, and customize plans that work specifically for each organization.

  • Jarrod Lipshy

    Content Strategist + Lead Content Production

    Jarrod Lipshy writes from his home in Athens, GA and has over 7 years of professional content experience. He specializes in tackling complex subjects and making them interesting, approachable, and digestible to an average audience. Jarrod’s true writing passion resides in learning and spreading that knowledge to others. He also acts as a professional chameleon, taking on the structure, voice, and purpose needed for each client project.

    When Jarrod isn’t hammering away at the keyboard with his two potato-shaped cats nearby, he is likely out rock climbing, attending the local music scene, or exploring Georgia’s gorgeous mountain trails. He can also be found weaving tales from behind the Dungeon Master’s screen or enjoying video games on the couch with the aforementioned potatoes and his brilliant, beautiful wife, Megan, close at hand.

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