Numerify: Building a Content Machine for an AI Analytics Company

Client Numerify


A  leading analytics platform provider had low-ranking content and no consistent process for promoting content. The content it did produce was only rarely supplemented with website blog posts, which are necessary to help draw in audiences. This lack of strategy led to severe inconsistencies in not just performance but also the visual style, formatting, publication date and tone of content — dissonant voices that should have been unified behind the company’s best-of-breed capabilities.


Consciously was brought in to assist with developing not just top-quality content with a consistent voice but also a reliable process for creating content. We developed a process that was efficient, scalable and leveraged quality writers in place of the freelancing platforms previously in place. This strategy unified messaging and crafted a professional tone that cut through the noise in the Artificial Intelligence B2B vertical.

Numerify’s new content-focused promotional strategy came at a perfect time. Once the process was solidified, a global pandemic hit the world. Numerify was fortunate to have loyal customers who evangelized their product, but a main feeder of their sales funnel — industry events — was pulled out from underneath them. To maintain a source of qualified leads, content production was scaled up. It became the sole source of lead generation, with more eyes and scrutiny placed upon it than ever before. We’re happy to say this system we built not only survived but thrived and is still in place today. Here’s more….

Numerify was founded in the heart of Silicon Valley with a goal of providing information technology (IT) leaders with a go-to platform for gathering data and using it to learn. Insights that could be learned included what their weak points were and what improvement opportunities were available. The company dealt with both IT service, such as corporate helpdesks, as well as operations teams in charge of maintaining live-service digital products. 

Numerify’s product gives the CTO a dashboard view into the entire technology department the same way counterparts in marketing, sales and accounting have dashboards to maintain control over their own domain. Seeing the opportunity, it was now the job of the marketing team to find a team that could deliver this message to the market. 

Numerify initially engaged with an agency in order to produce better quality content in a timely fashion and have all the tools in place to track and distribute it. Consciously was engaged to help apply order to the chaos.

To provide Numerify with solid writing, using a strong focus on voice and narrative, we put together a writing team with a journalistic background. Their goal was to turn the previously dry and cold writing into writing made to connect with audiences. Once this first phase was complete, another experienced writer was brought in, and multiple steps were introduced to avoid common bottlenecks or sources of quality compromise.

Numerify’s platform enables users to understand exactly what’s going on in their processes and what their main sources of risk, inefficiency, friction and lost productivity are. These benefits were capable of catching the ear of a typical business leader, but the messages were all too dense for the average person to understand.

One of the biggest challenges of the project was that Numerify’s capabilities were difficult for the average person to wrap their mind around. “Big” data analytics is an overwhelmingly complex and technical subject. Our goal was to strategically work towards greater audience understanding by breaking down their best-performing white papers and webinars into related topics. More-basic “101” style topics were added to these series, with the intention to introduce audiences to basic analytics concepts like machine learning, metric-based feedback loops and AI-augmented teamwork.

To grow sales and fuel the sales funnel, content messaging needed to break down the complex topics while also emphasizing the top-level benefits. Few people know how an “unsupervised machine learning algorithm” works, but everyone understands that product change approvals should take as quickly as possible to deliver more value to the market, faster.

The company’s new content emphasizes the level of control and certainty Numerify’s product offered to struggling IT teams. With a system put in place, quality content production for Numerify transformed from an assignment-to-assignment concern into a weekly ongoing process.

But this wasn’t the end of what was needed. Once the writing is done, content requires a clear distribution plan in order to get in front of the right communities and audiences. A content promotion strategy was developed to target both qualified leads and the IT industry at large. Readership increased, and the right job roles were being targeted so that views could translate to qualified sales leads.

The successes of this process translated at scale. One writer was scaled to a team of proven talented writers to produce high quality writing while achieving consistent tone and messaging.

With new insights and proven approaches, NWH was ready to build the internal infrastructure to continue their own human-centered practices and scale cultural change moving forward. Working with IDEO, Drs. Jaff and Larson established the Department of Tomorrow, a new instantiation of the hospital’s process improvement group. With new design thinking capabilities added to their toolkit, this group is now dedicated to launching and scaling new patient and provider experiences.

Engineers know what they want and what it looks like when done correctly. The challenge of transposing engineer speak into something highly polished and audience-ready was met by building a consistent, reproducible workflow that enforced high quality standards. Consciously’s work also ensured that these pieces could find an audience ready to read them, thanks to a focused SEO and promotional strategy.

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