Consciously™ develops winning campaign for Ubuntu Pathways of South Africa

Strategic branding agency joins project to protect vulnerable people and families

Brooklyn, N.Y. – Consciously™, a New York-based strategic branding agency is helping advance the mission of Ubuntu Pathways, the nonprofit organization formerly known as the Ubuntu Education Fund head quartered in South Africa.

For more than 20 years, Ubuntu Pathways has provided an integrated support system of health, education, and social support for people living in South Africa. The organization serves the essential role of providing a blueprint for meaningful transformation in some of the world’s most forgotten, struggling communities.

Consciously™ is helping Ubuntu Pathways maintain its commitment to the marketing and branding aspects of its core mission. Together, the two organizations will forge new public relations connections, leverage the power of branding to spark transformation, and honor the spirit of the saying, “A child’s birthplace shouldn’t determine her future.” 

For more information about the partnership between Ubuntu Pathways and ConsciouslyTM, please reach out to Rai-mon Nemar Barnes, CEO and founder, at 347-927-2341 or click to contact Consciously™.

About ConsciouslyTM:

ConsciouslyTM is a thoughtful, socially-conscious strategic marketing and branding agency that helps each client consider all stakeholders in their unique ecosystem. Using the Consciously™ approach of Conscious Marketing Solutions™, clients strengthen their relationships, articulate their values, and communicate their purpose with an eye toward community-focused results.