Consciously™ Tapped to build brand for black media and marketing talent platform Locomotus, Marcus Graham Project

Strategic branding agency joins a network of black-owned marketing and media agencies

Brooklyn, N.Y. – Consciously™, a New York-based strategic branding agency focusing on start-ups by women and people of color, is a proud new partner of the nonprofit Marcus Graham Project and its innovative Locomotus network.

Locomotus is a project that addresses the lack of a robust, single-source platform for companies to locate black-owned agencies and black marketing and media talent. With Locomotus, anyone can connect with fully vetted talent using an easy, on-demand digital hub. This firm is lead by Lincoln Stephens and Larry. 

Locomotus is born from the Marcus Graham Project (same founders)  who’s worked with companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, PepsiCo, AT&T, Spotify, P&G and have welcomed their perspective and have invested in the organization’s success. Investment is a key aspect of the Marcus Graham Project’s mission because financial talent investment supports the personal and professional success of up-and-coming leaders.

For more information about Locomotus partnership with Consciously™, please reach out to Rai-mon Nemar Barnes, CEO and founder, at 347-927-2341 or click to contact Consciously™.

About Consciously™:

Consciously™ is a thoughtful, socially-conscious strategic marketing and branding agency that helps each client consider all stakeholders in their unique ecosystem. Using the Consciously™ approach of Conscious Marketing Solutions™, clients strengthen their relationships, articulate their values, and communicate their purpose with an eye toward community-focused results.