Consciously™ Partners With Community Coalition on Race

Consciously™ strategic branding agency strengthens the mission to fight racism

Brooklyn, N.Y. – The community of South Orange Maplewood SOMA, New Jersey has another partner in the journey to anti-racism. Consciously™, a New York based strategic branding agency focusing on start-ups by women and people of color, proudly announces a partnership with the South Orange Maplewood Community Coalition on Race.

Together, Consciously and the Community Coalition on Race are working to build and sustain a community that is racially, culturally, and socially integrated and truly inclusive. In the spirit of offering equity and equality for all, Consciously™ is using strategic marketing and branding expertise to raise the volume of diverse voices in the South Orange Maplewood community and beyond.

The South Orange Maplewood Community Coalition on Race has had enormous success with building honest dialogue among community racial groups, despite the powerful forces of fear and racial insensitivity. Still, the organization acknowledges that there is a long road ahead to becoming a community that fully exemplifies thriving racial integration and genuine inclusion.

Consciously™ will work closely with the Coalition on Race to advance their shared mission thoughtfully and productively. For more information about the partnership, please reach out to Rai-mon Nemar Barnes, CEO and founder of ConsciouslyTM, at 347-927-2341 or click to contact Consciously™.

About Consciously™:

Consciously™ is a thoughtful, socially-conscious strategic marketing and branding agency that helps each client consider all stakeholders in their unique ecosystem. Using the Consciously™ approach of Conscious Marketing Solutions™, clients strengthen their relationships, articulate their values, and communicate their purpose with an eye toward community-focused results.