Consciously™ advised Seam Social Labs and Co:census on pre-seed strategy, brand and campaign development

Strategic branding agency builds brand foundation for inclusive surveys that support engagement

Brooklyn, N.Y. – Consciously™, a New York-based strategic branding agency focusing on start-ups by women and people of color, is now working with Seam Social Labs to expand awareness for its survey software, Co:census.

Seam Social Labs is a human-centered software development company that focuses on empowering disinvested communities by providing access to tools that collect their thoughts, needs, and concerns about the conditions that surround them. The company is primarily women and POC-led, with 70% female board membership.

The team at Seam Social Labs not only provides the software needed to amplify voices in the community but also holds free workshops so community members can empower themselves to use it. Seam Social Labs has a stated goal of reaching 1,000 communities by 2030.

Co:census is part of this vision and allows organizations to design genuinely inclusive surveys that deliver diverse perspectives without silencing marginalized people. ConsciouslyTM is the perfect branding partner for Co:census due to the company’s long track record of taking a thoughtful and holistic approach to strategic marketing.

Together, Seam Social Labs and ConsciouslyTM will bring Co:census to new audiences, disrupting the status quo of traditional survey methods and introducing inclusive surveys that have a positive impact on communities around the world.

For more information about the partnership, please reach out to Rai-mon Nemar Barnes, Consciously™ CEO and founder, at 347-927-2341 or click to contact Consciously™.

About Consciously™:
ConsciouslyTM is a thoughtful, socially-conscious strategic marketing and branding agency that helps each client consider all stakeholders in their unique ecosystem. Using the Consciously™ approach of Conscious Marketing Solutions™, clients strengthen their relationships, articulate their values, and communicate their purpose with an eye toward community-focused results.