Team Carte Blanche: Reaching Real Estate Clientele Who Desire a Full-Service Experience

Client Carte Blanche


Build out the values, brandfeel, and messaging, for a forward-thinking, high-end real estate team built around the client experience. The strategic vision for the company was to serve all clients equitably, requiring special care put into the go-to-market strategy for reaching out to clients of all backgrounds. A lifestyle brand as much as it is a real estate agency, Carte Blanche required a magic touch for all of the subtle elements to blend together.


After consulting with Aaron Seawood and the rest of his team, we were able to suss out the key values and brand promises that Carte Blanche wanted to highlight with every message. This foundational brand research was infused into a high-end website with a tailored aesthetic feel. The research also paved the way towards determining an appropriate go-to-market strategy and a brand promotion strategy befitting both the agency and the discerning clients they served.

A messaging launch and social media promotion campaign helped solidify the promises and the services that Carte Blanche offered. Our efforts helped differentiate the brand while also ensuring our messages would be heard by the individuals most in need of a full Lifestyle Concierge experience, whether buying, selling, renting, or investing.

Whether it’s the backdrop of a documentary, a novel, or a story shared among friends, New York City has a life all to its own. Recognizing this power of character, Carte Blanche was formed to ensure that real estate clientele could get familiar with the areas they were looking to enter. 

Even a street like Broadway, with worldwide recognition, could tell an entirely different story depending on what block you found yourself on. Carte Blanche wants every client looking to buy, sell, rent, or invest in the City to know the story of their new neighborhood. When you’re making as big of an investment as buying land in NYC, you want to be sure your decision meets your lifestyle needs as well as your own individual values and aesthetic. With Carte Blanche, clients can be taken on a journey to the areas of the city where they will feel most fulfilled …and inspired.

With these ambitious brandfeel goals in mind, Consciously was engaged to ensure that the messaging and brand promises resonated as intended. As one of the rare BIPOC-owned real estate ventures in the City, Carte Blanche wanted to ensure its messaging hit the right texture in order to appeal to discerning individuals from all manner of backgrounds. It also needed a unique strategy for reaching clientele in a way that felt like a relationship rather than a sales hustle.

Consciously performed research and worked to flesh out Carte Blanche’s vision into a full-blown marketing, PR, and sales strategy.

What we did was to really help them to flush out their go-to-market and how they should be leveraging content and leveraging who they are in order to position themselves better in the market. After doing research and talking with them, we decided on some lines and brand promises that we felt would really accentuate who they are and speak to who they are as a company, touching on all the different business areas that they offer.


The research and strategy conducted by Consciously formed the foundation of the new agency’s website, launch campaign, content strategy, and overall audience targeting strategy. 

Carte Blanche was conceived as an avant-garde approach to real estate transactions, one that intended to meet all aspects of what modern clientele expect. The agency was built of experienced agents who already had resumes filled with closed listings and satisfied clients. But they wanted to do something new and different with their approach. That difference is what we at Consciously sussed out, amplified, and extrapolated into a full-blown strategy capable of reaching the forward-thinking customers Carte Blanche sought. It is our hope that the team not only finds success, but that their business model influences the way real estate is done in fast-moving markets like NYC.

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