Radiant Logic: Helping an Identity Solutions Company Find Its Digital Identity

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Radiant Logic leads the market in identity solutions, with a client roster that includes names like Microsoft, Radiant Logic leads the market in identity solutions, with a client roster that includes names like Microsoft, VISA, NBC, AWS, Caterpillar, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Their extremely advanced and creatively designed technologies fit their client’s unique tech ecosystems like a glove. Their customer experience is also second to none. The “Critical Reviews” column of their Gartner PeerInsight page says: “There are no reviews in this category.”

So what was the challenge? This mainline identity solutions provider lacked a distinct identity of their own. They were looking to revamp their website to become a more engaging experience, augmented by a brand voice that felt like it had something to say. They also wanted to amplify their existing body of informative content. The goal was to not just get people reading/watching and then talking, but also feeling like they knew Radiant Logic as a company.


Radiant Logic approached Consciously as their new agency of record, and we instantly set to work rebuilding their website from the ground up with new copy and design. Work began as a series of conversations to solidify brand and their own unique voice. With the goal of recentering Radiant Logic around values that resonated with modern audiences, we developed new content strategically aligned around core messages. Our central goal in all of this was to make Radiant Logic feel like more than “just another” solutions provider; they had to speak as approachable thought leaders who could simplify confoundingly difficult challenges in a way that, frankly, no other company on the planet can.

Radiant Logic, we were in awe with them from a business standpoint. Industry data indicates that they pull in an estimated $18.8M in annual revenues, but with an employee head count of just 128. What this told us was that the company was a tight-knit group of highly intelligent and dedicated people, focused on providing one amazing solution considered indispensable by their clients.

For Radiant Logic we do all the things, a true partner is what we have in them.

Rai-mon Nemar Barnes, CEO Consciously

So much focus had been put on technology development and client relations that, in many ways, public-facing marketing had suffered. The company had held onto a legacy website from the late Web 1.0 days. While they had an outstanding library of existing content, it remained relatively unsupported and unpromoted. Without secondary content like blogs, videos, and social media generated from their high-level assets (webinars, ebooks, etc.), many of these excellent resources ended up tipped into the online ether, where few would experience them.

Consciously’s goal at the onset was to work with Radiant’s leaders in order to process and refine the innate values that brought them undeniable success. From this brand research, we then invoked a new voice and body of messaging that could radiate outwards into their site copy, design, and overall brandfeel.

Another major task at hand was implementing our proven content production system to amplify the value created from the company’s excellent high-level resources. Many of these assets were produced in partnership with outstanding industry organizations and other world-leading brands. Our job was to keep that level of high-quality going while providing secondary and tertiary content that could get eyes and ears on the bigger value content resources. We began blog production, promotional video campaigns, case studies, and other content creation projects with this goal. We also conducted SEO research and strategy coupled with display ad campaigns to increase the reach and share of voice for Radiant Logic’s outstanding industry thought leadership.

Absolutely thrilled to share our new corporate video!

Thank you Consciously® Rai-mon Nemar Barnes Stephanie Veraghen and Phil Johnson for your creativity in bringing our message to life!!!

Deborah McGinn – CMO, radiant Logic

We can honestly say that we have encountered very few clients of the caliber of Radiant Logic from the standpoint of how tightly run things were on the back end. Not only that, but people enjoyed working at the company and working with them as customer partners. Few people have glowing opinions of their tech solutions providers! Yet Radiant Logic felt like family to employees and trusted partners to their customers. Our job #1 to this day is making sure the rest of the world knows this stuff.

We continue to support Radiant Logic in their messaging, content production, promotion, and overall marketing strategy as their agency of record. We look forward to maintaining this relationship and hopefully learning a little about what can make a solidly “good” company something that’s well beyond “great.”

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