EASI Demographics: Helping One of the Country’s Largest Data Suppliers Look the Part

Client EASI Demographics


Update a heritage brand with a new voice and identity to realign the brand after nearly a decade. The new CEO and her team are transitioning the company, and they wanted a fresh approach to branding, copywriting, content production, promotion, and social outreach. This was part of a new strategy for go-to-market and returning customers in anticipation of demand for data from the 2020 U.S. Census.


After a thorough audit of EASI’s brand alongside rigorous audience and vertical research, Consciously developed a strategy for revitalizing the image of the company for the modern era. This began by reimagining their product positioning and reframing the solutions with their function context in mind and a new naming structure to fit. A rebrand with special attention paid to the difference audience and industry personas that made up EASI’s clientele pool. We are currently producing assets as the company gears up for 2020 U.S. Census data sales.

A transition to the new head of a company is never easy, even if the reigns are handed to someone proven and experienced. With Consciously’s help, we were able to re-envision the look, messaging, and sales strategy of EASI Demographics in time for a new generation of Census data. Both the company itself and its clientele now have a clearer idea of their entire range of products, with specialized marketing/sales journeys in place so that everyone can find and obtain exactly what it is they are looking for.

“Business as usual” means something different to each new generation. In the case of EASI Demographics, we had a literal transition of company leadership from one family generation to the next. As the new CEO  prepared to assume control of the company, she felt she needed a comprehensive audit of the company’s current marketing, sales, and content strategy.

While this work could have gone to a full-time CMO and internal marketing team, the ROI on working with an outsourced marketing department was more-promising. EASI was a company whose demographic data customers included the likes of Deloitte, YMCA, GE, AT&T, Lloyd Farmers’ Insurance and the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA). They work with the best companies in the world and wanted their brand to align with this positioning. A high-end client pool meant they literally couldn’t afford second-rate work, so hiring individuals not up to the task was not an option.

When Consciously was engaged, we were impressed at the level of depth and technicality of the current sales materials. However, we instantly understood we had a lot of work to do. The visual look and the architecture of the website were both outdated by over a decade. They lacked not just modern brandfeel but an intuitive navigation that could facilitate conversions. To revamp, a ground-up strategy was needed that could specifically target visitor needs and then guide them towards the best-fit data products.

We set to work by first devising a strategy tailored to three main audience personas: those who wanted to own their demographics data, those who wished to purchase access to specific demographics databases, and those who merely wanted a single report or table generated. These three categories involved clients that ran the gamut from top-of-their-class companies to individual market researchers working freelance. As the price range, use case, and overall experience for each category was dramatically different, we helped revise digital sales strategies to reflect these three core areas.

Consciously’s work encompassed refining the company’s brand identity, reshaping their customer persona approach, assisting with ecommerce development, and carrying out content strategy as well as content execution.

EASI Demographics is the kind of company you love to have as a client because lots of people work with them and don’t even know they’re working with them. Many customers know who they are based on the services they receive, but the EASI brand hasn’t been able to show or articulate the connection in a way that’s clear to their audiences. And that’s where we get to come in and help them shine!


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