Consciously™ Helps CUMAC Feed People and Change Lives

Strategic branding agency is helping CUMAC achieve ‘big, crazy dreams’

Brooklyn, N.Y. – Consciously™, a New York based strategic branding agency proudly announces a partnership with CUMAC. Based in Paterson, N.J., CUMAC fights the root causes of hunger using a holistic, family-based approach.

Together, Consciously™ and CUMAC are advancing the mission of bringing much-needed food and resources to New Jersey communities. Consciously™ will help CUMAC expand public awareness for its brand identity, which includes “big, crazy dreams” of changing lives while acknowledging the impact of childhood trauma on food insecurity.

Each year, CUMAC handles 2 million pounds of food and feeds 50,000 using a network of 77 community distributors. From January to June 2020, CUMAC rescued 939,159 pounds of food and put it directly in the hands of 11,887 New Jersey families. CUMAC’s crucial work continued despite the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. 

CUMAC has received local and global accolades for its welcoming and effective approach to tackling the underlying causes of food scarcity. The organization has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, at, on CBS New York, and in many other news outlets.

For more information about CUMAC’s partnership with ConsciouslyTM, please reach out to Rai-mon Nemar Barnes, CEO and founder, at 347-927-2341 or click to contact Consciously™.

About Consciously™:

Consciously™ is a thoughtful, socially-conscious strategic marketing and branding agency that helps each client consider all stakeholders in their unique ecosystem. Using the Consciously™ approach of Conscious Marketing Solutions™, clients strengthen their relationships, articulate their values, and communicate their purpose with an eye toward community-focused results.