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These are the buzzwords that shaped and ‘Yell and Sell’ ad campaigns of the 21stcentury. But now the game has changed. Today’s modern consumers are fed up with the advertising gimmicks of the past. They are longing for deeper, more authentic connections with brands. These audiences are seeking brands with a higher purpose in the world. Brands that actually make a difference. As this conscious consumerism movement continues to make its way into a mainstream marketplace, brands must find a way to communicate their higher purpose in order to truly thrive.

“Today’s conscious consumers want brands that have values and purpose, not just products and service.”

Sold On Purpose is a comprehensive guide for savvy marketers who want to create meaningful, long-term relationships with their customers through shared values and a unique brand purpose. It provides several case studies on brands who have created meaningful purpose stories and won the hearts of consumers, as well as brands who missed the mark and a breakdown of what went wrong. You will learn how to create a unique brand narrative that tells not just what you do, but why you do it.

Written by three-time Emmy award-winning director and millennial entrepreneur, Tim Moore, Sold on Purpose shows a clear look into the purpose-driven marketplace of tomorrow and how to prepare for it today.

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